Septic Repair & Risers

Septic Tank Repairs

  • Replace Cracked or Broken Septic tank Lids
  • Repair or Replace Pumps and Floats
  • Repair Broken Inlet or Outlet PVC Piping
  • Install Septic Tank Risers (see below)



We install Septic Tank Risers. 

What is a septic tank riser?  A septic tank riser is a pipe that comes vertically up from the pump out opening on the top of the septic tank.  Risers are usually recommended on tanks that are 2 foot or more in the ground, or in hard to get places, such as under porches, or walkways,  Risers can save digging up your yard every 3-5 years and in most cases save you money and a mess in your yard. Risers can be fitted on new tanks as well as the older style tanks.